Awesome Administrative Assistant for Hardware Startup

Awesome Administrative Assistant for Hardware Startup

[Administrative Assistant, aka Assistant Office Manager, aka Assistant Operations Manager]

You will be a critical member of a small team working on transforming something historically boring and stogy (test equipment) into something exciting and cool. We've been doing it for a while, and now we're ready to scale up - we'll be raising financing and hiring 30+ people over the next few years. We need your help!

About us - you'll be working closely with founders and brothers Joe and Mark Garrison, as well as ops manager Debora. We're fun, nice people, and are on a mission to change the world.

Day to day you'll help run a super tight ship:

  • Managing or helping with the hiring process
  • Ordering lunch, office supplies, shipping supplies
  • Taking inventory; auditing inventory numbers
  • Taking great care of our customers - emails and phone
  • Shipping orders every day (1-1.5 hours)
  • Writing/updating procedures as needed
  • Managing/helping our distributors as needed
  • Working with our wonderful supplier in Taiwan - placing orders, making shipping arrangements, helping with various requests they have.
  • Working with Quickbooks,, etc.
  • Working with our fantastic bookkeeping/accounting/CFO partner
  • Making travel arrangements
  • Keeping the office organized / enforcing policies

You have a proven track record of:

  • being unflappably positive and upbeat; not often getting discouraged
  • things being totally under control when you're managing them
  • getting amazing amounts of important and high quality stuff done
  • taking the initiative on things that need to be done even though no one is watching
  • holding other people, even your bosses, accountable to their commitments
  • making things simpler and more organized
  • creating very clear, simple procedures for complicated tasks
  • paying attention to the details
  • doing whatever it takes to get what you need
  • readily admitting when you're wrong
  • staying laser focused on what's most important for you to be doing
  • rapidly getting unstuck whenever you get bogged down on something
  • being decisive; not leaving issues undecided or unresolved
  • speaking up and saying what you think
  • agreeing with the best idea even if it's not yours
  • finding and fixing the root causes of issues, not just treating the symptoms

Compensation Basics:

  • Pay: depends entirely on how awesome you are; almost certainly matching or exceeding what you make now.
  • Benefits:
  • Health insurance, life insurance
  • $400/month toward an electric car (Tesla Model 3 recommended)
  • Free car charging at work
  • 20 days (4 weeks) of PTO, option to sell back 10
  • stock options
  • free personal trainer Tuesday/Thursday
  • onsite gym
  • free laundry weekly
  • free lunches


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