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Senior Software Engineer – Growth Team, Full Stack Web

You will be part of a small, expert team relentlessly focused on moving the needle on customer acquisition and revenue. You’ll leverage our well-loved product and minimal competition, and help position us to capitalize on the crazy good new products we have coming down the line. Every sprint you’ll identify, log, and prioritize ideas, build out and test top ideas, and pour over test results to validate hypotheses, raise new questions, and evolve our mental model of customer behavior. See this video for how this works.

Success in this role is crucial to the success of the company, because if we can dramatically grow sales we can greatly accelerate hiring and additional financings, and ship the radical new test equipment platform that electrical engineers, systems engineers, researchers, educators and students desperately want.

We are currently hiring for a Senior Software Developer, but the following roles will most likely be needed over time:

  • Senior Software Engineer – Growth Team, Full Stack Web
  • Senior Software Engineer – Growth Team, Analytics
  • Senior Marketing Manager – Growth Team, Lead
  • Senior Designer – Growth Team, UI/UX, App & Web
  • Senior Electrical Engineer – Growth Team, Content Creation

Please get in touch if you're passionate about what we're doing and would be outstanding for one or more of the above roles.

Each sprint, you will be responsible for:

  • Iteratively developing a sophisticated mental and written model of customer psychology and behavior.
  • Creating, collecting, organizing, simplifying, and prioritizing a backlog of actionable, testable ideas.
  • Building and deploying tests at high cadence, typically involving full stack web development, or anything else that might be needed.
  • Integrating appropriate tools for analytics and test deployment, such as Optimizely and Mixpanel.
  • As needed, directing and managing outside creative talent, such as designers.
  • Making smart tradeoffs between scientific validity and the need for high cadence testing, including multiple tests in the same funnel.
  • Drawing sophisticated insights from data, and designing new data-generation methods as necessary to test new hypotheses.

Your Qualifications, in general:

  • You have a strong track record and exceptional ability in rapidly creating full stack web applications.
  • You’ve thrived in high cadence environments, where you shipped code to users multiple times per month on an ongoing basis.
  • You have a strong design sense; you can create nice looking demos without a designer.
  • You are a strong writer and communicator.
  • When you do get stuck, you always manage to get ‘unstuck’ in less than a day.
  • You have good intuition about what will resonate with users.
  • Ideally, you have been highly successful leading teams.
  • Ideally, you have strong analytics ability and experience.

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