We build the world’s most loved logic analyzers

Well over 20,000 people every month use Logic — at Tesla, SpaceX, Apple, Google, and virtually every other hardware manufacturer on the planet.

Saleae logic analyzers are used by electrical engineers, firmware developers, enthusiasts, and engineering students to record, measure, visualize, and decode the signals in their electrical circuits.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make test equipment that’s a joy to use, and to push the entire industry in that direction. We believe there is tremendous opportunity to invent in this space.

Test equipment needs love, and we're going to give it.


We love great engineering tools – but when we were looking for a logic analyzer, the options we found weren’t particularly inspiring or affordable. So we decided to try and make our own.

The first very first Logic was bravely purchased by Chip C. on June 3rd 2008, on eBay. In those days, Joe hand-assembled each device—applying solder paste, placing parts with tweezers, and soldering with a hot air pencil.

Designed in the San Francisco Bay Area

Where we're located

Our offices are located just south of
beautiful San Francisco.


408 N Canal St
Unit A
South San Francisco, CA

Our Team

Joe Garrison


Mark Garrison

VP Engineering

Erik Luther

Head of Marketing

Debora Georgino

Head of Operations

Kristina C

Office Manager

Tanveer Junayed

Chief Designer

Rani Horev

Sr. Software Engineer

Ryan Huffman

Sr. Software Engineer

John Colanduoni

Sr. Software Engineer

John Artiuch

Head of Hardware

Tim Reyes

Hardware Engineer and Support Manager

Janelle R

Customer Advocate

Joseph C

Customer Advocate

Jonathan G

Hardware Engineer and Customer Advocate

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