Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Hi All,

We're casually trying out an 'affiliate program' over here where someone such as yourself could make some side cash by promoting Saleae products.

Imagine you're writing a blog, and you'd like to promote Saleae at the same time as making a little extra for your efforts. You could post an article or edit your blog/site in some way to include a link to the Saleae website - and that link would include your "affiliate code". We have a system set up over here where we can track any purchases that were made after coming to our site using your link.

We'll also be providing some "ad-like" images you could put on your website, or promote however you like.

If you're interested in learning more, drop us a line - we can invite you to the platform and share all the details.


Meanwhile, we're heads down focused on the Logic software. We're deploying all available cash flow to it, and raising a bit of money as well. If you're a Sr. Software Engineer who's an hands-down expert in React/Vue/Angular or hard-core C++ drop us a line.

All for now!

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