Help us find the very best engineers

Help us find the very best engineers

We’re building up a number of new teams from scratch, and the first few hires - the people leading those teams - they need to be really good.

Who do you know who's just flat out awesome?

Who do you know who would love a leading role reinventing the test and measurement space?

Here's some of the roles we're looking for:

  • Software Engineering: Architecture & API; Platforms & Continuous Integration; Algorithms; Full Stack Web; Analytics & Data Science; Applications & Plugins;
  • Electrical Engineering: Analog Front End (Test & Measurement); FPGA; Firmware; High speed digital, balance of system (board level); Application R&D; FAE/Support;
  • Mechanical Engineering: Enclosure; Accessories; Application R&D
  • Design: User Experience; App/Web UI/UX; Industrial Design
  • Director/VP: Engineering; Sales; Marketing; Design

Thanks for the help!

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